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The story of a quest to solve maritime cold-cases. The odyssey takes the reader along for a moment-by-moment look at the events surrounding the loss of a dozen different ships, and includes the stories of discovering their wrecks and learning about the final hours of each of these ships.

Praise for Dangerous Shallows

“Eric Takakjian and Randy Peffer take us into the sea and back in time in this fascinating exploration of the lost ships in Cape Cod waters. With Dangerous Shallows the authors bring to bear a unique set of skills – Peffer a seasoned historian and accomplished author and Takakjian a pioneering wreck diver and experienced sea captain – weaving together history and drama in stories that are saturated with adventure. Dive into Dangerous Shallows and begin the voyage!”—Brian Skerry, National Geographic Underwater Photographer 

“Passion for maritime work, perseverance in discovery and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge best describe the Captain Eric Takakjian I have gotten to know over the past decade. This modest yet talented and successful explorer is not afraid to go the distance whether it be in research on land, search at sea, or by utilizing all his skills to corroborate fragments of evidence to rediscover and share lost history.”—Matthew Schulte, Executive Director, Steamship Historical Society of America

“Whether he’s 200 feet down in the North Atlantic or combing through dusty archives, Captain Eric Takakjian is a consummate researcher who doggedly seeks to reveal the past. New England shipwrecks challenge those who seek to tell their stories; bone-chilling water, low visibility, and entangling fishing nets are only a few of the perils these authors have faced in their quest to tell “Ghost Ship” stories.”—Matthew Lawrence, NOAA Maritime Archeologist, NOAA Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary